Full Steam ahead through Tuscany

A Film by Gernot Stadler and Björn Kölz

Documentation, 52 min, 2021
GS-Film, ORF/3sat
Written and directed by
Björn Kölz und Gernot Stadler
Gernot Stadler
Production Management
Monika Orsini-Rosenberg
ORF Enterprise

For people from all over the world, Tuscany is a landscape of longing and the South of the region is probably the quintessence of it. With a train ride across this patch of earth, where the interplay of nature and human hand has become an icon, this landscape gets a new perspective.

When the historic steam locomotive of the “Treno Natura” sets in motion, not only railway nostalgics feel transported back to a bygone era. The train ride from Siena through the Orcia Valley to Montalcino through this UNESCO-protected cultural landscape is an experience for all senses. Like painted, almost unreal, the green hills spread out in front of the travelers. The “Treno Natura” concept is a success story. The various themed tours should not only delight railway enthusiasts and nostalgic travelers, but also gourmets will get their money’s worth. The TV documentary “Full Steam through Tuscany” in the picture book landscape of southern Tuscany is an experience for all senses.