King of the Ukraine

A Film by Gernot Stadler and Björn Kölz

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Documentary drama, 52 min, 2018
GS-Film, ORF/3sat
Written and directed by
Björn Kölz und Gernot Stadler
Volker Gläser, Gernot Stadler
Manfred Plessl
Production Management
Monika Orsini-Rosenberg
ORF Enterprise

The docudrama follows the often unclear traces of Archduke Wilhelm of Austria from his childhood on the Adriatic Sea to Poland, to where his father moved the family seat, and on to the former crown land of Galicia, today’s Western Ukraine, where he commanded his own regiment as an officer in the Austrian Army.

But was Wilhelm’s vision of a Kingdom of Ukraine under his scepter more than a raving dream? Historians from Austria, Ukraine and the USA have their say in assessing Wilhelm’s political activities in the context of the turbulent and bloody history of the 20th century. The interrogation records of the former Soviet secret service KGB, which are now available for the first time, form the basis for scenes that are intended to bring us closer to the person Wilhelm von Habsburg.