On the Rails of the Double Headed Eagle IV

From the Alps to the Sea

A Documentary by Gernot Stadler and Björn Kölz

Documentation, 2018
GS-Film, ORF/3sat
Written and directed by
Björn Kölz und Gernot Stadler
Gernot Stadler
Manfred Plessl
Production Management
Monika Orsini-Rosenberg
ORF Enterprise

The documentary series “On the Rails of the Double Headed Eagle” is a journey along the historical railway lines of the former Danube Monarchy and takes the viewer to the most important places and the most remote corners of the former Habsburg Empire, which were and still are connected by railways. It was the railways that filled the vast empire with life, allowed people and goods to circulate and thus contributed decisively to the flourishing of commerce, industry and tourism.

The fourth part of the documentary series deals with the railway development of the Alpine region in the Cisleithanian half of the Danube Monarchy. In 1900, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy started a huge alpine railway construction program – the Transalpina. In this last major project of the old monarchy, the construction of several railway lines was undertaken at the same time: the Pyhrn railway line, the Tauern line, the Karawanken line, the Wocheiner line and the Karst line.