Where Lemons bloom

Sweet-sour Travels from the Alps to Sicily

A Film by Gernot Stadler and Björn Kölz

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Documentation, 52 min, 2017
GS-Film, ORF/3sat
Written and directed by
Björn Kölz und Gernot Stadler
Gernot Stadler
Björn Kölz
David Hofer
Production Management
Monika Orsini-Rosenberg
ORF Enterprise

In supermarkets, they usually glow yellow from the shelves, even though they are actually green, and very few consumers are aware of the variety of ways they can be used. Citrus fruits belong to the oldest cultivated plants and are known on all continents. The Arabs brought them to Sicily a thousand years ago, with great German poet Goethe they found their way into literature and the Medici cultivated them in their Tuscan gardens. Even in southern Austria, a gardener has dedicated himself to breeding hundreds of varieties. Increasingly, these fruits are now also making their way into top gastronomy. The TV documentary takes the audience to magnificent landscapes and their rich history – from the Alps to Tuscany and Sicily with their extraordinary people, all of whom have one thing in common: their passion for citrus fruits.

The film “Where Lemons bloom” is a cultural history of the yellow-green fruit that we encounter in hundreds of different forms, a cinematic journey to the most beautiful places where lemons have been cultivated for centuries – from the Alps to Sicily.