for something to last

The Artist Manfred Bockelmann

A film by Gernot Stadler

Documentation, 45 min, 2023
Written and directed by
Gernot Stadler
Gernot Stadler
Production Management
Monika Orsini-Rosenberg
Daniel Stadler, Simon Stadler
ORF Enterprise

The documentary, “for something to last”, is dedicated to the life and work of the painter and photographer Manfred Bockelmann on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The portrait is intended as a cinematic foray through the artist’s life, visiting important stations/places and Manfred Bockelmann reflecting on events and encounters that are related to the respective place and have shaped his further life. These places include Ottmanach in Carinthia, where he grew up, Munich, Venice and New York. The film also accompanies the painter to the places where he prefers to work. In his barn on the Magdalensberg or in his studio in Venice, we observe how he continues with unbroken passion his series of works Drawing Against Oblivion, Painting of Silence or Leaves. His relationship with his brother, the famous singer Udo Jürgens, whom he calls his first art teacher, is also discussed. On the one hand, the brothers’ relationship was characterized by mutual respect and admiration throughout their lives. For the painter Bockelmann, however, it was also important to clearly distinguish himself from Udo in order to be sure that he could survive as an artist.